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NYX lip lingerie in French Maid review for lip matte lover

NYX lip lingerie in French Maid review for lip matte lover

NYX lip lingerie has new shades now, though the shades are much similar to the previous, to me they still have place in my vanity box. As I age (like a fine wine), my selection of lip color has become wider. I am now appreciate […]

Dubuyo, an urban korean food suitable for the whole family.

Dubuyo, an urban korean food suitable for the whole family.

I once mentioned Dubuyo to one of my friends and the feedback was hilarious. That particular fellow told me not to ‘curse’ when talking about food! (If you know, you’ll know). It means some people are still not game to try restaurant they are not […]

Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Shelly (home improvement review)

Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Shelly (home improvement review)

Maobao washing machine cleaner is a no.1 best selling  brand in Taiwan for its league but a very unfamiliar term to relate in Malaysia as we don’t have this technology yet to purchase in our supermarket. Recently, I have received a box of Maobao washing machine cleaner to try out which coincidentally a saviour to my desperate situation.

My biggest yuckiest problem with the washing machine.

Since our washing machine is located outside the house, the raining season has made it a little bit hard to handle. It started when one of my family members opened the lid of our top load washing machine, I don’t know for what reason since my clothes were still inside the tub. Since it has been in there for quite awhile, my OCD (OCD is not a good thing. Please don’t be proud about it.) clean clothes instinct just need to clean in another round. I closed the lid, put some soap and softener, pushed start and carried on doing my other chores.

A while after the cycle ended, I put the clothes to dry as usual only to find a watermelon pattern big fat frog was lying in the tub when I picked up the last cloth. I was histerical!! I ran to the front and waited for my husband to come back from work to take out the frog. Yucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

Why do you need to clean your washing machine?

Well, that is not the only reason to clean your washing machine, over some time our washing machine will collect debris from our dirty laundries behind the drum, where mold and bacteria will spread exponentially. The regular usage of fabric softener, direct water connection without filter, frequent usage of washing machine and old washing machine are also the reason of why you need to clean you washing machine. This is to ensure the washing machine effiency and expand its life.

P/s: You know, the average method used to clean these are dismantling your expensive washing machine and will cost you at least RM300!

Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner works like magic.

Maobao washing machine cleaner
The box contains 3 sets of these.

Rather than paying that RM300, you better spend your RM25 (NP: RM33.90) to try this first. A box of this bestseller comes with 3x cleaning powder + 3x AG+ Silver Ion. Removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, stubborn build-ups, odors, prevents mold and most importantly, keep it clean for your family.

It’s also laboratory-tested (SGS Labs) to ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the making of this product.

Let’s take a look at my cleaning process’s product.

The product is very easy to use and it comes with two different instructions; top load and front load washing machine.

maobao washing machine cleaner.
Ours are top load.

This is the result of the cleaning process. I’ve already scooped out the floating residues after 2 hours of soaking the tub with the formula. The picture below is the remaining residues after the tub was rinsed and waiting to be wiped.


Maobao washing machine cleaner
The tub was so dirty. Hamaigod!

Hah, one problem solved. I hope the washing machine works well after this. I heard that this item will be available in supermarket in near future but meanwhile if you are interested to clean your washing machine and don’t want to pay more for dismantling or having your washing machine at extreme risk of damage, you may find this product here:

Happy housekeeping!!

Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Contact Lenses [Beauty Review]

Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Contact Lenses [Beauty Review]

Barbie Eyesland cosmetic contact lenses has been around for 5 years now and has made name through out our nation. This brand has been trusted and reviewed by many including celebrities, bloggers and their loyal customers. Such rave has made me very inquisitive about their […]

Nour Ain Beauty Care review; is it worth to try?

Nour Ain Beauty Care has been around for awhile now but I never get the courage to try. I’ve been hearing about many feedback of how it can lightens the skin and it fits my condition of a long period of sunburn. Would like to […]

Losing friends; why it happens and how I cope with it.

Losing friends is devastating to some especially when you are the one who’s been left behind. The pattern is at its most protuberant as soon after our mid 20s and we begin to wonder why.

What is it worth?

losing friendsAristotle was not blathering when he said “A friend to all is a friend to none’. In our early years of life, we tend to make friends to as many people as possibly. Those were the years that we enjoyed our life the most. But as soon as we entered 25, we began to reorganise our life and more focus on the important things such as career, family and marriage. People become more focused on certain relationships and maintain the relationships.

I was known to be very playful at my early 20s but when I reached 25, I began to filter suitable relationship to be involved in. The main purpose of doing so was probably because of my intention of finding the correct partner. Once I’ve found who’s I was looking for, I become much less socially promiscuous and invest my time on him. This happens to approximately everyone who have found their mate. By 27, majority of my friends are married, and this is when the minority of them feel deprived.

Best friends actually exist.

Even though this tribulation happens, investing a good relationship with friends who always there when we are at our worst should be kept close. I have few of my own and I am glad that they stayed around at my worst. These are my friends who already busy with their commitments; family & career but still managed to glue their relationships with me. What is best about them that my flaws are acceptable in their eyes. Best ever.

If you don’t have any friends anymore, don’t be sad. As you walk by your life, you will find your suitor or your new best friend.

Difference between men and women in losing friends.

losing friendsMost men at his early 30s are still did not get that best friend does not come in a number of 10. They are positive that they are able to sustain their new extended family together with their brotherhood. But as they reached 40, most of their brothers will be gone and by then, the only friends they have is the wife, the men in his wife’s family, few kawan masjid and friends at work. Best friend? My advice, if you are a man who’s at early 30, pick 2-3 bestfriends among your bestfriends and invest on them. Invest here means get focus on the value of friendship rather than the value of having fun together.

But in reality, who knows what’s going to happen. Keeping your circle small does not mean you are not friendly or selfish. It means you understand what is important and what needs to be done.

How I cope with myself when I lose my friends.

It is easy to spot who wants to be your friend and who is not. There are times I was so upset of losing friends but at this time of life, I am more rational about it.

  1. Life is not specific about how many friends you need. If you have back up on who to give your kids when you are sick, you are already have someone who you can trust on.
  2. Friends who don’t value you as much, is not worth your time. If you want to miss someone, miss someone who misses you back. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.
  3. Diverting yourself to a new hobby or activity is a good method. Make yourself busy.
  4. Social media is a legit poison to your soul sometimes. Looking at your friend having fun with your other friend or her new spouse without you sometimes do poke you a little. If that happens, reduce your time looking at that particular person’s account. You can’t control stuff like this, but you can control your action.
  5. Be happy with what you have. As for me, I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, a mother who cares, siblings who love my kids like theirs and a small circle of friends who I can talk about almost anything.
  6. Be sure to be nice to the person who doesn’t want to be friend with you. You know, human’s heart is complicated. It needs to be reminded about the goods in everything.
  7. Make new friends. Get to know your neighbours, join the crowd, go to masjid.
  8. Make money. I recently in love with this method. Haha.


Sunway Pyramid West; the intoxicating touch of parenthood.

Sunway Pyramid West; the intoxicating touch of parenthood.

Sunway Pyramid West is a hub of many things and as a parent; what attracts me the most is its offer for my family as a whole. A convenient yet very chic F&B and an all-in-one child enrichment and edutainment centre. Our journey to the […]

Eid Money Envelope to send love with style this raya- free printable

Eid Money Envelope to send love with style this raya- free printable

Eid money envelope is one of the traditions we as Muslim never fail to comply every year on Eid Al Fitr in Malaysia. I remember of getting 5 cents upon visiting one of my late grandmother’s neighbour back when I was 7. I was getting […]

Indoor green; trending super cool house plant.

Indoor green; trending super cool house plant.

Indoor green has been the limelight as per now and there is no turning back to the artificial, expensive and disconnected fake flowers. Yes, fake flowers can stay around for more than a decade. It can be rearranged and cleaned multiple times, nothing wrong to buy them, but there are some sparks on having indoor green these days, especially to us, who are living in a dense suffocated area. I personally have so many reasons on why I choose to have them.

indoor green
Look at how happy Christina is showering her indoor green. I’ve been their instagram follower for quite awhile now. Am so swayed with how beautiful their writings and pictures for their blog.

Why do we need an indoor plant at home.

Having an indoor plant is not only for its aesthetic property but also for its benefits on our health. My mom used to tell me how she loves green. It calms her. What she didn’t tell me is something that I would like to share with you today.

As a human being, we yearn for connection. Even a house will be called home if we put personal touch inside it. A frame of words of worship, a beautiful Portmeirion clock to tell the time with taste and a living organism that not only beautify our home but interact with our body and mind; producing a much quality of life.

Easier to breath.

This child play’s fact is the main reason of having them. These greens produced oxygen while human releases carbon dioxide make human and plant a complete puzzle. For night time, as most plants respire the same as human, there are a few that still produce oxygen for example orchids. Hanging them by the window in the bedroom would be best to get itw full benefits.

Benefit of having an oxygen enriched place:

Increase energy and alertness, reduce stress, relaxing, lessen headache and sinus problems, and better health.

A natural air purifier.

According to NASA research, plants remove toxins from air – up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours. VOCs include substances like formaldehyde (present in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke and grocery bags), benzene and trichloroethylene (both found in man-made fibers, inks, solvents and paint). Benzene is commonly found in high concentrations in study settings, where books and printed papers abound. These toxins will be pulled to their roots and change them as food.


The fact that they are beautiful, makes me googled the nearest nursery and fortunately found one in Dengkil; D’lakeside Garden Centre.

D’lakeside Garden Centre.

It was a sunny afternoon weekday and the first week of puasa. I was so sleepy but my excitement was not planning to step aside. I parked my car inside since Ayden was fast asleep inside his cosy Cosatto carseat, afraid something bad might happen if I park at the road side.

There’s not much indoor plants there as they are more focus on outdoor plants but I managed to grab three for the sake of my jiwa yang meronta-ronta. I bought 3 pots and its saucers too for the plants and the son’s owner was generous that day and gave me huge discount for my bill.

The problem of not living in a landed house.

On my way back home, I was so restless of thinking on how should I transfer all of these plant sets up to my unit from the parking lot? Iniatially, my mind was set to ask the guard’s help but changed my mind as soon as I reached the guard gate. I lifted them myself and so proud of seeing improvements on my gradually nurtured muscle’s grow few days after.


Repotting and resoiling indoor green.

I took off the polibag from the plants’s soil and re-potted them to the pots I’ve purchased. I resoiled them with a bio soil.

What’s great about the haul I’ve made this time is the plants I’ve selected. They only need to be fertilised once a month, do not need much water and sunlight too!

I put them at one of the corner at our living room and even though it looks nice, I immediately realise I need to purchase more!





P’s: Thinking of going to Cameron Highlands for some beautiful cactuses!

P’ss: I am so nervous for my FB live later in few days. I hope there will be audience.

Cleaning iron base plate using one simple step in no time!

Cleaning iron base plate using one simple step in no time!

Cleaning iron base plate especially when you just scorched your iron is essential. Fortunately for you, this burned can be cleaned easily and your iron will look brand new. Burned iron can ruin your best dress! I remember this one time when my mother in […]


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Cleaning iron base plate especially when you just scorched your iron is essential. Fortunately for you, this burned can be cleaned easily and your iron will look brand new.

Burned iron can ruin your best dress!

I remember this one time when my mother in law was asking for my old conventional iron to iron her clothes. I felt super weird as I have a steam generator iron at home; the one that can iron any wrinkle in one slide. She was mumbling about how hard it was to use it. At first I thought possibly she just felt intimidated by how futuristic the iron is, but when I checked the iron, it was the burned at the bottom of the iron. I immediately remembered my episodes of steaming my sofa using the iron. It is a long story, not going to write. Huhu.

I opened my smart phone and surfed through Pinterest for tips and I stumble across this amazing diy on how to clean your iron base plate.

How to clean you iron base plate.

What do you need:

  1. A wash clothes
  2. Cotton buds
  3. Water
  4. Soda bicarbonate


  1. Identify the burned on the iron.
  2. Mix the water and soda bicarbonate together until it becomes a paste consistency.
  3. Dip the wash clothes into the paste and rub on the burned plate. It will comes off as fast as lightning!
  4. My iron have steam holes all over the iron’s sole. Therefore I need to use the cotton buds to clean the holes.
cleaning iron
I’ve just applied the soda bicarbonate on the iron sole plate. The burned came off with one wipe! Amazing! Magic!


cleaning iron
There still have residues stuck inside the steam’s holes. Kena cungkil sikit in order to properly clean it.

Tadaaaa!!!!! Like new isn’t it??!!!

cleaning iron
Haaahhh, I think I need to invest a little bit on camera or sport camera. I’ve been using my pocket money for the house these days. Been eyeing for this beautiful Burberry bag for ages nowww!! (Life is so not fair. Haha).