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LANAFIRA; the new black of a muslim vogue

LANAFIRA; the new black of a muslim vogue

Lanafira is one of the online fashion boutiques that deserves eyes locked from us (the hardcore online shopper). As a mom, I usually will have problems shopping at physical shops alone as it is so time consuming and a little troublesome as my little Ayden […]

Sepsis: the story of 49 days of intensive care unit.

Sepsis: the story of 49 days of intensive care unit.

Sepsis. I just want to avoid that word like a plague right now. I have loved ones who is currently in war inside the ICU for exactly 49 days. Good days, bad days, back at point zero on the average. I just don’t know.. And […]

NYX lip lingerie in French Maid review for lip matte lover

NYX lip lingerie in French Maid review for lip matte lover

NYX lip lingerie has new shades now, though the shades are much similar to the previous, to me they still have place in my vanity box. As I age (like a fine wine), my selection of lip color has become wider. I am now appreciate darker and MLBB (my lips but better) colors which explain my choice of lip liquid this time.

NYX lip lingerie
NYX Lip Lingerie in French Maid

What NYX lip lingerie claims:

Slip into something seductive with Lip Lingerie, our luxurious liquid lipstick with a plush, Matte finish. Available in the color-kissed hues you know and love—from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown, to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige—plus, 12 brand-new nudes! Each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy color.

How it looks when applied.

I know, most of you prolly have tried this and have your own opinion about it as lipstick will look different from one person to another due to skin tone. As an asian (women of color), we have different kind of brown. My cha (teh) has a very nice ratio of tea and milk, so most of the nude lipstick looks much darker on me. Therefore, I asked my maid to wear them on lips so your can see how the color fits perfectly on a much tanner person.

NYX lip lingerie
this is how it looks on my skin.


NYX lip lingerie
A perfect nude on this auntie’s lips.

My opinion, the color does look nice on me and on the auntie but definitely its definition of nude only happens when it’s applied on the auntie’s lips. It looks more of an ashy mauve on my lips (not complaining) and made me look like Emily “the strange” most of the time. Layan.

P’s: It looks better if you have pink undertone. I am yellow undertone.


NYX lip lingerie
Bit tip but also angular.

The texture is quite mousse-y and glides on smoothly. It has no scent which is an A plus to me, nor having any stingy strong smell. It stays on my lips as long as I’m not eating course meal and reapplying is easy. But the applicator is not the best and tend to get clumpy after few applications. The color is so pigmented and have minimal transfer but it leaves my lips dry afterwards.

I don’t know how to write this. The rave is possibly because of its affordable price and beautiful colors. Other than that, I can’t say this lipstick is my favorite. That drying effect on my lips is definitely a downside. The main function of lips is KISSABLE.


Dubuyo, an urban korean food suitable for the whole family.

Dubuyo, an urban korean food suitable for the whole family.

I once mentioned Dubuyo to one of my friends and the feedback was hilarious. That particular fellow told me not to ‘curse’ when talking about food! (If you know, you’ll know). It means some people are still not game to try restaurant they are not […]

Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Shelly (home improvement review)

Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Shelly (home improvement review)

Maobao washing machine cleaner is a no.1 best selling  brand in Taiwan for its league but a very unfamiliar term to relate in Malaysia as we don’t have this technology yet to purchase in our supermarket. Recently, I have received a box of Maobao washing […]

Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Contact Lenses [Beauty Review]

Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Contact Lenses [Beauty Review]

Barbie Eyesland cosmetic contact lenses has been around for 5 years now and has made name through out our nation. This brand has been trusted and reviewed by many including celebrities, bloggers and their loyal customers. Such rave has made me very inquisitive about their products and has enticed my fingers to order them online!

The arrival of my three stooges.

barbie eyesland
I stole this picture from their website.

I have received my parcel consist of 3 pairs of cosmetic contact lenses last week. They were packed in a very beautiful packaging and it was so thoughtful of the company to give contact lenses casing together with CANDIES! So sweet don’t you think?

Even better when they offer free postage to all their customers without minimum order. It means you get free postage even if you buy 1!

These babies come in a vial and were sealed to avoid contamination and to give security for the customers to use.

My personal experience of using Barbie Eyesland cosmetic contact lenses.

To tell you a little bit of my eyes condition, I am farsighted and my power is 375 (right eye) and 350 (left eye) and I have medium  level astigmatism and by rights, I need to order special lens for my astigmatism condition. But I find it okay to wear spherical lenses for up to 4 hours and usually will wear them in day time.

So here goes my review:


Barbie Eyesland
Oh My Pearl Choco 14mm

This one is by far the most subtle color contact lenses I have ever worn. The color is so au naturale and imitate natural chocolate color. I. myself have a pair of dark brown eyes and this contact lens has amplifies its color. It makes my eyes more vibrant without attracting too much attention of whether I am wearing contact lenses or not.

The diameter is 14 mm; which is very suitable if you are looking for natural look. Suitable for any occasion and very comfortable.

Price: RM 25.00


Look at how beautiful my eyes look after wearing them. It reminds me of the Tea live’s pearl. My eyes do shine like the pearl inside the milk tea. Yummy!

Barbie Eyesland
MY favorite of all three!


Barbie Eyesland

My choice of color contact lenses has always been grey or green. When I saw the model eye color, it just touches my soul begging to click yes. And yes, it went straight into my cart. No question ask.

The size is 14mm, my usual choice and has this low color density which so appealing. I just love the soft look.

To my surprise, all 3 contact lens are well moisturised and quite thin. From my 5 years experience of wearing color lens, most lens than can be worn for 3 months are thick, but these contradict that.

Price: RM 25.00


Barbie Eyesland
Definitely soften my PMS look a little. Wrong lip color, wrong choice of not smiling. Ahahhaha


Barbie Eyesland
The slightly bigger size in diamater does change her look

Since my eyes are quite large, wearing a bigger diameter will make me look like an alien (said this mat salleh cikgu back when I was teaching at International School) Haha. I worn them once, but I don’t know, prolly because of the diameter was too large it did not look nice on me.

But I did purchase a slightly bigger diameter anyway. The size is 14.5mm and it definitely make my big eyes look bigger. But this time, I do like the look. It makes me look 10 years younger. This is when the Barbie Eyesland name seems related. I look like a living doll!

Price: RM 25    (BEST SELLER)


Barbie Eyesland
My eyes are so big!!


A very satisfying review, I should say. I love their products immensely and would like to recommend you to try. If you are interested you may open one of the link attached below or just contact them through whatsapp.



Facebook Page:














Nour Ain Beauty Care review; is it worth to try?

Nour Ain Beauty Care has been around for awhile now but I never get the courage to try. I’ve been hearing about many feedback of how it can lightens the skin and it fits my condition of a long period of sunburn. Would like to […]

Losing friends; why it happens and how I cope with it.

Losing friends is devastating to some especially when you are the one who’s been left behind. The pattern is at its most protuberant as soon after our mid 20s and we begin to wonder why. What is it worth? Aristotle was not blathering when he […]

Sunway Pyramid West; the intoxicating touch of parenthood.

Sunway Pyramid West; the intoxicating touch of parenthood.

Sunway Pyramid West is a hub of many things and as a parent; what attracts me the most is its offer for my family as a whole. A convenient yet very chic F&B and an all-in-one child enrichment and edutainment centre.

Our journey to the West (Sunway Pyramid WEst lahhh).

Fortunately for us, we’ve been invited to experience the glimpse of its myriad wonders last week. It is so fun that I would love to share the experience with you.

From older generation to generation y to generation alpha.

I never had this interest of playing a guitar before. I just thought I should leave that skill to someone else but at this point in life, I do believe that I was wrong. A person should at least try EVERYTHING once in order to find their métier. Especially our kids. As a gen Y, I was raised by a much conservative generation. A generation that only understand of giving the essential is already more than enough. We as young parents who had tremendous exposure on many opportunities know better that living is more than prepping your kids to get better jobs in the future. It is the living, it is experiencing, it is the many knowledge they could gather and had fun doing (said the superparent; I believe most gen y thought they were. You can see by how much we want to do for our kids; from fully breastfeed to home schooling to kids psychology (perasanla korang hohoho)).

sunway pyramid west
My very own gen alpha standing in front of the parenthood entrance

I once heard this traveller said “I used all my money to travel, I quit my job and do part time whenever I need to. Do I regret of doing so? I would regret more of not seeing enough.” Yes, that’s a choice. And I once saw this many scenario of people who doesn’t buy anything for themselves in order to save for the future. The funny thing about the future, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. The choice is whether you want to live to the fullest or to do average knowing your life in this world is a one time thing. (Of course you have akhirat, but why sacrifice your duniya when Islam would love to see you discovering?). My opinion is not important, but how you would open your mind to it is.

The ukulele lesson

And so, this excited early 30s mom took that challenge of learning everything once while hoping her introvert above average son can see how confident she is always. (Not knowing is not the thing you should worry about, not trying is a bigger problem).

We came in late that day and the class has already started. The instructor gave us 2 sets of ukulele and an ukulele lesson book (they gave the book for free). We were struggling real bad as we don’t even know how to pinch the strings and so we just taram through out the entire class.

After the class has ended, while we’re waiting for the other activities, the instructor came by to say hi as he noticed our late arrival. He gave us a personal basic lesson of which fingers to use and how to read the notes from the book. I realise rather quickly that playing this ukulele is super easy! I just need more practice to master it. Video below is embarassing, but bare in mine, I am shameless. hahahahah.

I used Eken h8r for the video. I thought it would look nice. Ha ha ha. Not.

Playing doh and gym class movement

A session of playing doh Aish (my son) had that day. I am still puzzle of what kind of doh they were using since the doh turned to be in a polysterine spongy state after leaving it for a while.

Aish was so hands on that day. Possibly because the instructor so leng lui.

I didn’t get the picture of the gym class movement but the class was fun. I believe the purpose of the class are to make the kids more responsive and to improve their social skill. The gym class was so interactive and the kids were so involved especially when they are playing the music box game.

Alright! My kid needs to go to school now, I just wish I could spend more time on writing. Haha. (old snail). Anyways, the overall experience was exciting. I would love to come by again to experience the other activities they have. If you are interested to know more about its awesome indoor playland or its international playschool or where it is situated feel free to open this website.


Eid Money Envelope to send love with style this raya- free printable

Eid Money Envelope to send love with style this raya- free printable

Eid money envelope is one of the traditions we as Muslim never fail to comply every year on Eid Al Fitr in Malaysia. I remember of getting 5 cents upon visiting one of my late grandmother’s neighbour back when I was 7. I was getting […]


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Eid money envelope is one of the traditions we as Muslim never fail to comply every year on Eid Al Fitr in Malaysia. I remember of getting 5 cents upon visiting one of my late grandmother’s neighbour back when I was 7. I was getting this feeling of how scrooge this abang was. At that time the rainbow paddle pop was priced at 50 cents each, and the maths in my head indicates that I need to visit 10 houses of scrooge people in order to buy that one ice cream. The sun shone confidently and it was so exhausting, but there’s this little tingling of thrills hay-wiring all over me whenever I received this money sized envelope. A surprise, possibly a 5 cents or a RM 50!

A generous token just to say I love you.

eid money envelope
Eid money envelope designed by Ema for

As I get older, my perspective of this money giving has changed. It is none other that a pursue of gaining smiles from the young ones. A happiness, we as an adult finds luxurious. The value inside of the envelope does not matter much, but the thrill and the happiness of getting the envelope is.


An eid money envelope designed to suit the giver’s personality.

My mom used to collect so many eid money envelopes from banks whenever we’re about the celebrate Eid Al Fitr and most of the time will use the prettiest among them for the celebration. I do understand the expectation of the appearance of the eid money envelope does not exceeds its function but I am 100% sure there are plenty more out there like me who value some personal touch on things we are about to give away (Siapa zodiak Cancer angkat tangan!!!!).

Free printable designed by Ema especially for’s reader.

If you are more of a minimalist and very hands on with kids, the Fynn Jamal’s duit raya method will be your suitable candidate. But if you are like me, a mixed-tape kind of perempuan with a tint of mystery and noise, you would possibly will love this free printable eid money envelope. My theme is brazenly romantic, out of topic but still there. The pictures do not belong to me, I took it from the internet, therefore please don’t use this template to gain money. But the words are purely mine. What you need to do is download the PDFs, print them, cut them according to its shape, glue the sides and Voila! Enjoy!

Eid money envelope 1

The words meant for the loved ones I rarely meet. The usual feeling I felt when they are about to leave the house. The expected emptiness. The sweetest emptiness since you are going to treasure the moment and talk about it whenever you meet them again.

Link to download: the feeling of missing.

Eid money envelope 2

This one is just plain cheeky. But to flirt, you need to save some to create mystery. Keeping your composure while blurting your heart out. Classy.

Link to download: flirt alert

Eid money envelope 3

That rosemary reminds me of the food. Yasss! I know! Be prepared of gaining back all you love handles you’ve let go on Ramadhan. Ketupat rendang sila nikmati kawan, penat memasak malam ke pagi~~~~.

Link to download: the feast

Eid money envelope 4

The Eid Al Fitr marks the end of Ramadhan, which is a month of fasting and prayer. It means the festival of fast-breaking. Celebrating our victory against our nafsu. Subhanallah, it’s a beautiful day.

Link to download: beautiful day

Eid money envelope 5

This is just one of the flowers I love. I would love to put the “undying love” forget me not flowers, but they are an average beauty. So I put the orchid instead, not your average lady huh?

Link to download: exquisite lady

Eid money envelope 6

Aahh, this is my favorite baby. My personal encounter of falling in love to a handsome lad. I lost my coolness and my words are everywhere. He is just too shy to notice my crumble.

Link to download: head over heels

Eid money envelope 7

I have only one word to link to this flower. It’s my mother’s hues. I just miss my childhood sometimes. The way I see it, it is perfect. This flower looks cool and cold and fixed and beautiful. what a resemblance. Ahahhaha.

Love your mom guys! You only have one!

Link to download: blue flower