DIY Ottoman cover in less than 2 hours

DIY Ottoman cover in less than 2 hours

The idea of making the ottoman cover.. It is all began when I saw this hideous ottoman I inherited from my sister doing nothing but ruining my panorama at my living room (lol). I just couldn’t bare to let it stays but beside its look, everything seems sturdy. So I thought, maybe I should just make a cover for it. That is when I opened the Ikea website and saw this beauty at goddemet price.

The price has been killing me for days. So yesterday I just can’t stand being killed over and over again. I barged into IKEA and bought 3 meters of them.
This is the Ottoman I’ve been writing about. I nearly take it for a stroll to the disposal room.

As soon as we reached home, I can’t wait any longer and started to sew (this happens when the person doesn’t like to watch tv).

And good news to my blog, there’s an entry today!!! LOL.

SO here it goes. An easy peasy whattadilly DIY Ottoman cover in less than 2 hours.

What do you need:

  1. A fabric sufficient enough to cover your ottoman
  2. A sewing ruler
  3. A measuring tape
  4. A pen
  5. A sewing machine
  6. Matching thread
  7. A scissors

How to make ottoman cover step by step:

  1. The most important thing to do in anything is to plan. You need to know and plan in advance on how do you want it to look like. I am practical and simple at times (most of the time complicated. LOL), therefore a simple design is satisfactory.
    This is my ottoman cover’s plan. Very easy to do, more or less like making a box.


    2. After you have finished measuring, lay the fabric flat and start drawing your plan to the fabric using the ruler. Cut them accordingly using scissors at the seam allowance you’ve decided. I’ve decided to use approximately 1/2″ seam allowance.

    This is how the fabric looks after I cut it.

    As you can see from pictures below. I’ve made a diagonal cut at the inner corners of the fabric. This is optional, you can still sew them together even without the cut.

    3.  Ok, now run the foot pedal!! run forrest run!!!!!!!!

    First, hem the bottom of the fabric.

    After hemming all four of the fabric’s bottoms, sew the right sides together, all four of them.


I just couldn’t believe how easy it was. I am planning to make matching cushion covers and cover 1/5 of our sofa using this fabric. Will update another tutorial later for you to try. For the time being, please try this.

Ayden loves it. That notion alone has made my sewing obsession on FIRE! LOL.

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