Papparich All day Hainan Bread Set for RM8.88; delicious yet so affordable.

Papparich All day Hainan Bread Set for RM8.88; delicious yet so affordable.

It’s nearly dusk any second now and my tummy keeps singing the ‘keroncong’ of Hainan bread I’ve devoured few days back. I just can’t forget it! That pure succulent butter molesting the surface of that soft fluffy steamed bread. Ahhhhh, I can practically taste it at the tip of my tongue right now!

All day Hainan Steamed Bread Set

It was a hot afternoon weekend, my head hurts and so does my wallet. I have not eaten anything the whole day since I was so busy sewing and hurriedly went out to pick up some D.I.Y. stuff for the house. While I was running pass through the Papparich, my nose discovered this familiar sweet yet strong scent of white coffee which reminds me of the one I’ve tasted in Ipoh few years back. The memory of two love birds flirting to each other in an old kopitiam with pheromone fully charged in the air. Haaaaa, young love!

Who’s inside the Papparich?!

I quickly went in and to my surprise some famous bloggers were there! All of a sudden, my exhaustion turned into excitement as they greet me to join them for lunch. I flipped through the menu and as expected I drivelled unconsciously. For those of you who do not know, Papparich is a food and beverage franchise which started in Malaysia around 2006. They offer traditional Malaysian cuisines and drinks as well as other types of dishes. Personally, my family and I love their nasi lemak. We ordered it every time we dine in Papparich. Since we can’t seem to fix our mind on what to choose, we asked the waiter to give us recommendations for main course and dessert. and accompanying this makcik for lunch while waiting for the other bloggers to come. and came in a little bit later but we managed to dine together.

Don’t forget why you went in at the first place!

We chatted for hours, exchanging tips and experiences without realise how late it was. I was thinking of going back to my family but changed my mind as soon as I spotted a menu that I originally should order.

The fact that the price is below RM10.00 per set made my hand so fast to write the order

It is an all-day promo which means you can have it at any hour of the day. This set consists of their famous Hainan breads and 3 choices of drinks. And did you know, the Hainan bread served at Papparich comes from a 70-year-old recipe? Now you do! What makes me trust Papparich so much in delivering the best Hainan bread in town is the quality of the food. Just look at the butter, they are not using a butter spread or a margarine but a pure salted butter.

Two types of Hainan breads (steamed or toasted) with 3 different types of drinks (coffee, teh tarik or white coffee) hot or cold.

My choice of Hainan bread set

I decided to go with the toasted bread as I wanted something crunchy. The bread was toasted to high perfection with just the right amount of kaya and pure butter. The kaya seems rich possibly made specifically for Papparich. I teamed them up with a glass of iced white coffee. I just had to make it iced and sweet for the sake of the memory back in Ipoh and of course, for the tummy. I must say, it tasted so fine. It gave me that kick start to make my evening less exhausting and relaxing. Such a good combo comes is an affordable price!

I can say no more because words are just words. No smell, no taste. If you really really feel like quitting the big city and missing your laid back town, just head down to the nearest Papparich outlet and try this Hainan Bread set. Move your feet this instance because I was informed that the promotion will last for few months only.

Don’t wait! It’s delicious and it’s not going to make a hole in your pocket!


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