Cyberjaya Sahur Box is offering free delivery and free sahur wake up call!!

Cyberjaya Sahur Box is offering free delivery and free sahur wake up call!!

Cyberjaya Sahur box is in town.

Sahur box! Sahur box! Believe it or not, we are going to welcome Ramadhan Kareem as near as tomorrow!! My goodness! I believe every moms have already prepared a list of what to cook for 30 days and stock up the fridge! Or maybe have been collecting flyers of food delivery since there will be days we would want to have a break from the kitchen. I also believe most of us do get tired of eating mandy chicken or khabsa lamb as they are so actively been delivered and monopolised around Cyberjaya.

Local taste on the menu.

Fret not! Cyberjaya Sahur Box is definitely brings local taste on the menu. They are offering a home-cooked meal prepared using filtered water, clean environment and InshaAllah together with selawat while preparing. An ideal muslim cooking don’t you think? Let’s look at what they serve on the menu!

What’s on the menu.

cyberjaya sahur box

The flyer tells everything already! The menu will be a fixed menu for the entire Ramadhan and they are the cook’s favourite. There are minimum order of two sets if you are living outside from Cyberia Smarthomes.

I personally think food delivery for sahur is a good idea, especially if your food tastes so sedap like Cyberjaya Sahur Box prepared. I bet you are going to love every menu they will deliver to you. That crunchy fried chicken, Aaaah, you will wonder why they don’t do it earlier last puasa?

I was told that orders should be made before 10 p.m. a day before the sahur day. It means if you want to order for Monday, you need to place your order on Sunday. The delivery will be made at 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. and please make sure you open the door as the delivery man needs to sahur too.

Should you have any questions, do drop them a message at:

whatapps: +60197270886

instagram: Cyberjayasahurbox


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