Cleaning iron base plate using one simple step in no time!

Cleaning iron base plate using one simple step in no time!

Cleaning iron base plate especially when you just scorched your iron is essential. Fortunately for you, this burned can be cleaned easily and your iron will look brand new.

Burned iron can ruin your best dress!

I remember this one time when my mother in law was asking for my old conventional iron to iron her clothes. I felt super weird as I have a steam generator iron at home; the one that can iron any wrinkle in one slide. She was mumbling about how hard it was to use it. At first I thought possibly she just felt intimidated by how futuristic the iron is, but when I checked the iron, it was the burned at the bottom of the iron. I immediately remembered my episodes of steaming my sofa using the iron. It is a long story, not going to write. Huhu.

I opened my smart phone and surfed through Pinterest for tips and I stumble across this amazing diy on how to clean your iron base plate.

How to clean you iron base plate.

What do you need:

  1. A wash clothes
  2. Cotton buds
  3. Water
  4. Soda bicarbonate


  1. Identify the burned on the iron.
  2. Mix the water and soda bicarbonate together until it becomes a paste consistency.
  3. Dip the wash clothes into the paste and rub on the burned plate. It will comes off as fast as lightning!
  4. My iron have steam holes all over the iron’s sole. Therefore I need to use the cotton buds to clean the holes.
cleaning iron
I’ve just applied the soda bicarbonate on the iron sole plate. The burned came off with one wipe! Amazing! Magic!


cleaning iron
There still have residues stuck inside the steam’s holes. Kena cungkil sikit in order to properly clean it.

Tadaaaa!!!!! Like new isn’t it??!!!

cleaning iron
Haaahhh, I think I need to invest a little bit on camera or sport camera. I’ve been using my pocket money for the house these days. Been eyeing for this beautiful Burberry bag for ages nowww!! (Life is so not fair. Haha).


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