Eid Money Envelope to send love with style this raya- free printable

Eid Money Envelope to send love with style this raya- free printable

Eid money envelope is one of the traditions we as Muslim never fail to comply every year on Eid Al Fitr in Malaysia. I remember of getting 5 cents upon visiting one of my late grandmother’s neighbour back when I was 7. I was getting this feeling of how scrooge this abang was. At that time the rainbow paddle pop was priced at 50 cents each, and the maths in my head indicates that I need to visit 10 houses of scrooge people in order to buy that one ice cream. The sun shone confidently and it was so exhausting, but there’s this little tingling of thrills hay-wiring all over me whenever I received this money sized envelope. A surprise, possibly a 5 cents or a RM 50!

A generous token just to say I love you.

eid money envelope
Eid money envelope designed by Ema for emanods.com

As I get older, my perspective of this money giving has changed. It is none other that a pursue of gaining smiles from the young ones. A happiness, we as an adult finds luxurious. The value inside of the envelope does not matter much, but the thrill and the happiness of getting the envelope is.


An eid money envelope designed to suit the giver’s personality.

My mom used to collect so many eid money envelopes from banks whenever we’re about the celebrate Eid Al Fitr and most of the time will use the prettiest among them for the celebration. I do understand the expectation of the appearance of the eid money envelope does not exceeds its function but I am 100% sure there are plenty more out there like me who value some personal touch on things we are about to give away (Siapa zodiak Cancer angkat tangan!!!!).

Free printable designed by Ema especially for emanods.com’s reader.

If you are more of a minimalist and very hands on with kids, the Fynn Jamal’s duit raya method will be your suitable candidate. But if you are like me, a mixed-tape kind of perempuan with a tint of mystery and noise, you would possibly will love this free printable eid money envelope. My theme is brazenly romantic, out of topic but still there. The pictures do not belong to me, I took it from the internet, therefore please don’t use this template to gain money. But the words are purely mine. What you need to do is download the PDFs, print them, cut them according to its shape, glue the sides and Voila! Enjoy!

Eid money envelope 1

The words meant for the loved ones I rarely meet. The usual feeling I felt when they are about to leave the house. The expected emptiness. The sweetest emptiness since you are going to treasure the moment and talk about it whenever you meet them again.

Link to download: the feeling of missing.

Eid money envelope 2

This one is just plain cheeky. But to flirt, you need to save some to create mystery. Keeping your composure while blurting your heart out. Classy.

Link to download: flirt alert

Eid money envelope 3

That rosemary reminds me of the food. Yasss! I know! Be prepared of gaining back all you love handles you’ve let go on Ramadhan. Ketupat rendang sila nikmati kawan, penat memasak malam ke pagi~~~~.

Link to download: the feast

Eid money envelope 4

The Eid Al Fitr marks the end of Ramadhan, which is a month of fasting and prayer. It means the festival of fast-breaking. Celebrating our victory against our nafsu. Subhanallah, it’s a beautiful day.

Link to download: beautiful day

Eid money envelope 5

This is just one of the flowers I love. I would love to put the “undying love” forget me not flowers, but they are an average beauty. So I put the orchid instead, not your average lady huh?

Link to download: exquisite lady

Eid money envelope 6

Aahh, this is my favorite baby. My personal encounter of falling in love to a handsome lad. I lost my coolness and my words are everywhere. He is just too shy to notice my crumble.

Link to download: head over heels

Eid money envelope 7

I have only one word to link to this flower. It’s my mother’s hues. I just miss my childhood sometimes. The way I see it, it is perfect. This flower looks cool and cold and fixed and beautiful. what a resemblance. Ahahhaha.

Love your mom guys! You only have one!

Link to download: blue flower

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