Sunway Pyramid West; the intoxicating touch of parenthood.

Sunway Pyramid West; the intoxicating touch of parenthood.

Sunway Pyramid West is a hub of many things and as a parent; what attracts me the most is its offer for my family as a whole. A convenient yet very chic F&B and an all-in-one child enrichment and edutainment centre.

Our journey to the West (Sunway Pyramid WEst lahhh).

Fortunately for us, we’ve been invited to experience the glimpse of its myriad wonders last week. It is so fun that I would love to share the experience with you.

From older generation to generation y to generation alpha.

I never had this interest of playing a guitar before. I just thought I should leave that skill to someone else but at this point in life, I do believe that I was wrong. A person should at least try EVERYTHING once in order to find their métier. Especially our kids. As a gen Y, I was raised by a much conservative generation. A generation that only understand of giving the essential is already more than enough. We as young parents who had tremendous exposure on many opportunities know better that living is more than prepping your kids to get better jobs in the future. It is the living, it is experiencing, it is the many knowledge they could gather and had fun doing (said the superparent; I believe most gen y thought they were. You can see by how much we want to do for our kids; from fully breastfeed to home schooling to kids psychology (perasanla korang hohoho)).

sunway pyramid west
My very own gen alpha standing in front of the parenthood entrance

I once heard this traveller said “I used all my money to travel, I quit my job and do part time whenever I need to. Do I regret of doing so? I would regret more of not seeing enough.” Yes, that’s a choice. And I once saw this many scenario of people who doesn’t buy anything for themselves in order to save for the future. The funny thing about the future, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. The choice is whether you want to live to the fullest or to do average knowing your life in this world is a one time thing. (Of course you have akhirat, but why sacrifice your duniya when Islam would love to see you discovering?). My opinion is not important, but how you would open your mind to it is.

The ukulele lesson

And so, this excited early 30s mom took that challenge of learning everything once while hoping her introvert above average son can see how confident she is always. (Not knowing is not the thing you should worry about, not trying is a bigger problem).

We came in late that day and the class has already started. The instructor gave us 2 sets of ukulele and an ukulele lesson book (they gave the book for free). We were struggling real bad as we don’t even know how to pinch the strings and so we just taram through out the entire class.

After the class has ended, while we’re waiting for the other activities, the instructor came by to say hi as he noticed our late arrival. He gave us a personal basic lesson of which fingers to use and how to read the notes from the book. I realise rather quickly that playing this ukulele is super easy! I just need more practice to master it. Video below is embarassing, but bare in mine, I am shameless. hahahahah.

I used Eken h8r for the video. I thought it would look nice. Ha ha ha. Not.

Playing doh and gym class movement

A session of playing doh Aish (my son) had that day. I am still puzzle of what kind of doh they were using since the doh turned to be in a polysterine spongy state after leaving it for a while.

Aish was so hands on that day. Possibly because the instructor so leng lui.

I didn’t get the picture of the gym class movement but the class was fun. I believe the purpose of the class are to make the kids more responsive and to improve their social skill. The gym class was so interactive and the kids were so involved especially when they are playing the music box game.

Alright! My kid needs to go to school now, I just wish I could spend more time on writing. Haha. (old snail). Anyways, the overall experience was exciting. I would love to come by again to experience the other activities they have. If you are interested to know more about its awesome indoor playland or its international playschool or where it is situated feel free to open this website.


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