Nour Ain Beauty Care review; is it worth to try?

Nour Ain Beauty Care has been around for awhile now but I never get the courage to try. I’ve been hearing about many feedback of how it can lightens the skin and it fits my condition of a long period of sunburn. Would like to get rid of it PERMANENTLY!

nour ain review
This is their new look, but the one I bought is in old packaging

I’ve been searching around few months back for skin product to try, and made up my mind to march in the kedai jamu and bought one. To my surprise, it was so cheap compared to other skincare set inside the kedai jamu, wanting to know why badly, I asked the owner of the shop. His feedback is genuine and not biased at all. It is more of an act of making his kedai bankcrupt. No kidding!

All of them comes from the same formulations. Does it includes Nour Ain?

He told me something that I already know. The way human thinks is stereotype; expensive means good. Would like to break the truth to you readers, most of the skincare in that particular class used the same formulations and most of them contain mercury or hydroquinone or other kind of hazardous chemicals. And you are wondering why your face magically becomes whiter (you see, lighter and whiter have different meaning). A much famous brand usually will get banned faster by the KKM. This is when envy gets in place. Rivalry. These people will lodge reports about certain products to reduce competition.

Me and my curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat!

Since the price is good, I just can’t resist not to buy. I bought the 3 in 1 set consists of the soap, night cream and UV foundation cream. I’ve been using it for a solid month and my review below is solely my opinion about the product. I have dark brown hair and eyes,  big pores, medium fair skin with yellow undertone and oily/combination skin.

Here goes the review.

My first week of using the set seems good. My skin seems to lighten and pores are shrank. I have no problem until I stopped applying the night cream. My personal opinion about the night cream is a nightmare. It doesn’t sink into my skin and it has this sticky consistency that doesn’t feel right! I get headache every time I applied the cream. My skin started to have big blackheads that can been seen obviously from a meter distant and I started to have bum all over my face and that was right before Ramadhan.

nour ain review
The soap has a drying effect on skin after each usage.

As I googled for information to write this post, I came across this article. Allah, I just realised how barbarous I was to my skin. I looked at the mirror and immediately understand why I have all these inflammations. The skin gets worse right after I stop using the night cream. It contains MERCURY!

Please tell me how I should do my raya with this face.

Mercury is dangerous. I mean really dangerous. According to WHO,  mercury in skin lightening product can cause kidney damage, skin problems as well as a reduction of skin’s resistant to bacterial and fungal infections. Other effects include anxiety, depression or psychosis  and peripheral neuropathy.

Eid is just in a month time and I told myself I need to change my skincare again. Stay tuned to know how I heal my skin on my next post and how my skin reacts as soon as I ditch this whole set.

nour ain review
I am not sure if they are using the same formulation with the old one but my review is based on the old packaging.

Hopefully my sharing this time give you a thorough look on this kind of cosmetics. If you have sunburn like me, embraced it. It is okay to have flaws rather than looking all beautiful but putting yourself in danger. A snake in the grass, a matching idiom for what has happened. I wish Malaysia would have stricter laws on giving permissions to these kind of business. Consumers health should be prioritised and it is our rights to have a safe product anyways.

You can read about other type of cosmetics that has been banned from this link.. Would like to remind you, there are still plenty to be banned in future. For your safety precautions, buy skincare product that works to clean not to change color.

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