Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Contact Lenses [Beauty Review]

Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Contact Lenses [Beauty Review]

Barbie Eyesland cosmetic contact lenses has been around for 5 years now and has made name through out our nation. This brand has been trusted and reviewed by many including celebrities, bloggers and their loyal customers. Such rave has made me very inquisitive about their products and has enticed my fingers to order them online!

The arrival of my three stooges.

barbie eyesland
I stole this picture from their website.

I have received my parcel consist of 3 pairs of cosmetic contact lenses last week. They were packed in a very beautiful packaging and it was so thoughtful of the company to give contact lenses casing together with CANDIES! So sweet don’t you think?

Even better when they offer free postage to all their customers without minimum order. It means you get free postage even if you buy 1!

These babies come in a vial and were sealed to avoid contamination and to give security for the customers to use.

My personal experience of using Barbie Eyesland cosmetic contact lenses.

To tell you a little bit of my eyes condition, I am farsighted and my power is 375 (right eye) and 350 (left eye) and I have medium  level astigmatism and by rights, I need to order special lens for my astigmatism condition. But I find it okay to wear spherical lenses for up to 4 hours and usually will wear them in day time.

So here goes my review:


Barbie Eyesland
Oh My Pearl Choco 14mm

This one is by far the most subtle color contact lenses I have ever worn. The color is so au naturale and imitate natural chocolate color. I. myself have a pair of dark brown eyes and this contact lens has amplifies its color. It makes my eyes more vibrant without attracting too much attention of whether I am wearing contact lenses or not.

The diameter is 14 mm; which is very suitable if you are looking for natural look. Suitable for any occasion and very comfortable.

Price: RM 25.00


Look at how beautiful my eyes look after wearing them. It reminds me of the Tea live’s pearl. My eyes do shine like the pearl inside the milk tea. Yummy!

Barbie Eyesland
MY favorite of all three!


Barbie Eyesland

My choice of color contact lenses has always been grey or green. When I saw the model eye color, it just touches my soul begging to click yes. And yes, it went straight into my cart. No question ask.

The size is 14mm, my usual choice and has this low color density which so appealing. I just love the soft look.

To my surprise, all 3 contact lens are well moisturised and quite thin. From my 5 years experience of wearing color lens, most lens than can be worn for 3 months are thick, but these contradict that.

Price: RM 25.00


Barbie Eyesland
Definitely soften my PMS look a little. Wrong lip color, wrong choice of not smiling. Ahahhaha


Barbie Eyesland
The slightly bigger size in diamater does change her look

Since my eyes are quite large, wearing a bigger diameter will make me look like an alien (said this mat salleh cikgu back when I was teaching at International School) Haha. I worn them once, but I don’t know, prolly because of the diameter was too large it did not look nice on me.

But I did purchase a slightly bigger diameter anyway. The size is 14.5mm and it definitely make my big eyes look bigger. But this time, I do like the look. It makes me look 10 years younger. This is when the Barbie Eyesland name seems related. I look like a living doll!

Price: RM 25    (BEST SELLER)


Barbie Eyesland
My eyes are so big!!


A very satisfying review, I should say. I love their products immensely and would like to recommend you to try. If you are interested you may open one of the link attached below or just contact them through whatsapp.



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