Dubuyo, an urban korean food suitable for the whole family.

Dubuyo, an urban korean food suitable for the whole family.

I once mentioned Dubuyo to one of my friends and the feedback was hilarious. That particular fellow told me not to ‘curse’ when talking about food! (If you know, you’ll know). It means some people are still not game to try restaurant they are not familiar with. I do realise there are tons of reviews and feedback about restaurants out there which beneficial as guidelines for those who are seeking for food to try. I just thought I should join the crowd since my family love to eat outside.

That bowl on top of my head explains how excited I was that day.

We went to SOGO last weekend since my husband had to attend an event nearby (My usual port to eat Dubuyo is IOI City Mall) and to our surprise SOGO did some renovation at the food court level and installed few restaurants up there including Dubuyo. I was hysterical when I saw the restaurant since it has been awhile we have not been there.

That welcoming beautiful smile.

My mood usually depends on who in front of me. I must say the staffs there in Dubuyo, SOGO are so welcoming and polite. The girl is a Malay and she did treat us as if we were having a fine dining (Floor manager yang terbaca post ni jangan lupa bagi tips kat dia banyak sket. Hoho.). I wonder how much they get paid.

Anyways, the restaurant as it declared, has an urban korean taste. I just love the music videos on their flat screen. It makes me want to dance, everytime!! And knowing me, I literally dance, EVERYTIME!


What do we pick this time?

We actually have tasted all their food (ini serius), and we come to realise that we always come back for their all-day set for 2. Now let’s layan.

Soondubu Jigae Chicken

Jigae is more or less like a korean flavor stew. If you don’t like chicken, you can always order beef or seafood instead. They are all good (maigad, air liur dah takung belakang lidah nih). It comes with lots of tofu, some vege and a little spicy. I don’t recommend this for kids after watching my firstborn drinking gallons of water that one time just to balance the taste (what happen next? 5 trips to the loo). But measuring how much I drool while writing this, this is just suitable for me. Sedap and subtle.

Honey Garlic Bulgogi Beef

This one is nice too. Their cooking reminds me of home food. My kids love this. I suggest it will be easier for you to give your kids a chicken rather than a beef.

Side dish. MY FAVORITE!

I would like to highlight how delicious their mak kimchi is. Really! I’ve tasted kimchi in several other korean restaurant and Dubuyo’s one just fit my taste bud perfectly. I am a hantu kimchi, I can literally eat kimchi with rice and some plain soup, just like that and the good news is kimchi is served BOTTOMLESS here. I keep on ‘tambah’ and ‘tambah’ eventhough my rice bowl has already empty.

Desserts. Honestly I don’t know what they call it.

If you like tau fu fa, you are going to love this. The texture is not as soft and fragile like the tau fu fa and it has an additional orange peel flavor. To me, it is ok.

What do we think about Dubuyo?

Overall, Dubuyo is alright. Simple food has always been my favorite and Dubuyo fits that criteria. The price are considerably affordable and since my kids love rice, we usually ended up here when we are at the mall (better here than any fast food chain kan).

The environment is quite good. Ambient is nothing romantic, and straight forward. Usually very clean with friendly staff. Hmm, what else?.. Haaaa, the IOI City Mall one usually close their shop very late compared to others. So if you happen to shop till late and still haven’t get your dinner. Dubuyo surely will welcome you in.

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