LANAFIRA; the new black of a muslim vogue

LANAFIRA; the new black of a muslim vogue

Lanafira is one of the online fashion boutiques that deserves eyes locked from us (the hardcore online shopper). As a mom, I usually will have problems shopping at physical shops alone as it is so time consuming and a little troublesome as my little Ayden has not develop the walking skill yet. I do have few favorite online boutiques and discovering Lanafira has lighten my online shopping therapy one shade lighter.

My kind of color.

I have this compulsion of soft shades which I believe very calming and beautiful. This charming tranquility has been my staple style for over a quadrennium now just to balance my chaotic daily life. Lanafira has made that easy for me to find suitable attire to suit my preference not only on taste but as a muslim too.

What to wear? What to wear?

This is the question every girl will say whenever they need to go somewhere. After living with this question since puberty hit me, I come to realise I need to have clothes that can easily be worn in any kind of events. I love Melissa Long Dress from Lanafira. A loose yet very classy. I can wear it anywhere; from pasar ikan to meeting client. The dress moves beautifully together with you while walking, a romantic gesture that surely will make your other half fall in love all over again. The quality? You need to buy one to witness this beauty.

Melissa long dress

They have this another attire that really get me browsing their website repetitively. A modern classy stripe peplum.


Very young and chic.

The price for Lanafira’s good?

Don’t let me start about it. I tell you, their price is affordable. I just can’t elaborate. To get that kind of quality, even if you want to sew the dress yourself will cost you more than what they offered.

If you are interested to know more, go ahead and contact them. Have fun shopping!


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