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Papparich All day Hainan Bread Set for RM8.88; delicious yet so affordable.

Papparich All day Hainan Bread Set for RM8.88; delicious yet so affordable.

It’s nearly dusk any second now and my tummy keeps singing the ‘keroncong’ of Hainan bread I’ve devoured few days back. I just can’t forget it! That pure succulent butter molesting the surface of that soft fluffy steamed bread. Ahhhhh, I can practically taste it at […]

DIY Ottoman cover in less than 2 hours

DIY Ottoman cover in less than 2 hours

The idea of making the ottoman cover.. It is all began when I saw this hideous ottoman I inherited from my sister doing nothing but ruining my panorama at my living room (lol). I just couldn’t bare to let it stays but beside its look, […]

How to make covered button the easiest way.

How to make covered button the easiest way.

Covered button is so chic because it gives a sense of associations, a collaborations among the entire garment. But not many know that it is very easy to do and can be done by amateur too.

I happen to go to Daiso regularly whenever we are in D’pulze Mall, Cyberjaya since my eldest son likes to paw me toys and Daiso has a flat rate of RM5.60 for every items (You know, kids can be very manipulative. You need to be a better one). While waiting for him to choose, I usually will stroll down each aisles and pick one for myself too.

This is what I’ve picked that day. A covered button DIY.

So today, I would like to make a tutorial on how to make a covered button which I’ve purchased from Daiso the other day (I wish I can make a youtube video so you can easily understand on how to do it, probably need to invest on better camera).

Covered Button DIY


  1. Covered button kit
  2. fabric of desire


  1. First check out the instructions on the label.
  2. Once you understand the instructions. Prepare the materials needed.
    The DIY kit and the chosen fabric.3. Trim the chosen fabric into a circle and place it on the tray with part A on top.

    3. Trim the chosen fabric into a circle and place it on the tray with part A on top.

    MY senget bengot circle. It is ok if you cut it irregularly. What is important it covers the button.


    This is how it looks when you squees them inside the tray.



    4. After you press them down inside the tray, place the Part B on top.

    Don’t get confused of which part of the button is A and B ok.


    5. Press down firmly using the pusher tool.

    Easily done! My 4 years old can do it! (haaa gitu).



    I made this specifically to complete the look of Ayden’s tailor made playsuit.


Royal Expert Skin Care Review on skin whitening

Royal Expert Skin Care Review on skin whitening

I’ve been meaning to write a beauty product’s review since the first day I build this website but never have the idea on what. Since I just finish consuming the whole basic set of Royal Expert for skin whitenig, I just thought I should give […]

What public should know about special needs children and their parents.

I came back from Brunei and was so excited to write. But the feeling immediately get consumed by people’s reaction from my sharing. We share of thinking people will be on the same page with us, but should I remind myself again people ruin beautiful […]

Two important things you need to do to lose weight if you are 30 and above.

Two important things you need to do to lose weight if you are 30 and above.

The road to lose weight is a bumpy road for women age 30 and above. We did embraced our age for how beautiful we have become compared to our 20’s. The puffiness has left the building and has resurfaced our cheekbones and a more pointy nose, with an addition of fashion sense at peak (example: look at Mila Kunis below) but we still can’t win the race against time. Our metabolism has drop immensely until we can’t even eat ice cream before sleep without gaining another kilo tomorrow. Devastating! (Ini serious~~, LOL).


Mila Kunis in her 20s.


Mila Kunis in her 30s. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for CinemaCon)


I have just stopped consuming Herbalife for the last 3 months and have been again struggling to replace these beautifully crafted potions with a much organic ingredients. I have nothing against Herbalife, but improvisation should be made to manage the need on top of the want (faham ke I faham sorang-sorang je ni.LOL). And definitely you don’t want to cling on certain products your entire life, right? One very important thing you should know is, the red, the green, the yellow, the many colours of whole foods are the best nutrition for our body, and what we did wrong is the enormous total of our food intake to satiate our insatiable appetite.

Well, the tricky part today is not only the calorie count. You are not going to get the right amount of nutrition that your body need if you cut too much on your calorie intake. What you need to do is to eat a little bit more than your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and find ways to improve your metabolism rate! (Haaa, gelabah tak nak hadam?).

These are the two must do things if you want to boost your metabolism level and stay cute like 15 years old even you already have a 15 years old girl.

Start building your muscle

From what I read, according to research from Harvard School of Public Health, people who lift weights put on less BELLY FAT than people who do cardio. It means lifting will help you burn calories and boost up you metabolism. This is what you need. It is not easy to start but once you’ve started you are going to be dumbbell junkie like me. (or any other kind of exercise tools junkie. You may choose.).

I started to like dumb bell exercise when I add this to my exercise routine.

Green tea every day

I know green tea is not for everybody but you should try in order to know if you like them. I personally like Japanese green tea over the Chinese. While both kinds offer similar health benefits, Japanese tea is reported to have EGCG value of 137 times greater than the Chinese green tea. The rich green colour of the Japanese green tea indicates an inhabitation of chlorophyll; which helps in normal blood clotting, wound healing, hormonal balance, deodorising and detoxifying the body and promotes digestive health.

I love to drink them with ice. Ahhhhhhh.

The best part of drinking green tea is its ability to suppress appetite and increase fat burning. unlike other fat burning agents, there are no bad side effect on the cardiovascular system.

Losing weight is a mind game. To execute, you need to remember 3 of these important tips

  1. 80% come from a good diet planning. Monitor what you eat and don’t be ashamed that you care about what you put inside you.
  2. 20% come from a regular exercise. Do a little everyday, and increase the resistance level. Not only you are going to look super fine and solid. Your body will feel light, and doing labour is a piece of cake.
  3. Drink a lot of water. If you are fancy, make infused water. I happen to love green tea and adding them to my water is just something I do everyday.
How to make Kimono Cardigan and Palazzo pants

How to make Kimono Cardigan and Palazzo pants

How to make kimono cardigan and palazzo pant. Haahhh, this post reminds me of how fancy I was when I was small. I grew up in a small town and there are very limited selections on kids attire (not that only, I believe a lot […]

7 ways to save money for travelling without making you broke

I browsed my instagram feed today and saw my ex-school junior having his time of his life going up in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia. I was suddenly excited of thinking that I will experience it one day. That experience will costs us quite […]

Krabi, Thailand Travel Guide for family with small kids.

I have always dream of a life without commitments or unlimited access to money, possibly one day that can be achieved. Even the need to cook everyday sounds so tiring. The escape from reality is somehow has always come to the centre stage of my mind in order to break the routines. And so last month, we got the chance to go to our neighbouring country to experience the lifestyle of Siamese.

So, for today, my post for travel guide will be about Krabi, Thailand.

krabi, 4 islands trip, aonang beach
Chicken Island, Krabi

For your information, Krabi is situated between Phang Na and Trang, in Southern Thailand. A small town with an international airport; which makes it so easy for Krabi to be recognised worldwide because of its easy access. The town itself is more or less can be similarised with our very own Port Dickson except for how brilliant the way they commercialise the littlest things about their culture. Eventhough staying at Krabi Town is cheaper compared to Aonang Beach, I would suggest you to choose Aonang Beach for its fantastic night life and nearer ingress to the islands. You can always go to the Krabi Town to buy souvenirs and suchs by using their TukTuk services or renting a bike. (Bike please!!).

yamaha nvh, mimpikita,krabi
My kids enjoy riding! Be sure you gas is sufficient okay!

As a modern young family, phone data is a must have. Once you’ve reached Krabi, be sure to ask around for local prepaid data and while waiting for the simcard to be changed, change your time as they have different time zone from our country. By doing this, your solat time will be in line and there will be no such thing as missing you flight back home! And kids can be occupied with cartoons from youtube since there will be so many waitings (waiting for tourist guide, waiting for elephant ride, waiting for meals) as kids can be very cranky and tired while travelling.

longtail boat
Look at his restless ‘waiting for a long tail boat’ face. I did enjoy his tantrum that day. LOL.

Food is not a problem in Krabi. Their tastebuds are various and in our case, there are so many muslims therefore halal foods are everywhere. But be alert of sidewalk food because we did experience an episode of food poisoning. Horrible!

We enjoyed hunting food in Krabi. The Mango Sticky Rice is our main prey. I mean hunting them were like a craze to us. We kept the ‘food tasting act’ until the best was found. The best one is made by one of the restaurants in front of the mosque (honestly I don’t remember which one exactly). But overall food is good. Even better when the restaurant’s owner can ‘kecek kelate’ so you can easily communicate with them of what to eat, what’s suitable for the kids and what not. To me this is important, because I don’t want to deal with ‘pedas, i don’t want to eat!’ tantrum or kids underfed symptoms.

Activities suitable for family with small kids.

1.Elephant Trekking

It is fun to ride an elephant but surely many things will talk you out from riding them. But I ride anyway. LOL. I heard one of the many Minah Sallehs there expressing her disappointment of how the trainers treat the elephants. How idealist she is. The truth is in any manner of keeping wild animals are wrong. They should be in the wild. Personally, I do think they are doing their best to sustain the existence of the elephants. These camps follow strict guidelines set by the National Livestock Department in order to keep them. The trekking lasts for 45 minutes and definitely my kids will remember that elephants do their number one like a waterfall!

elephant trekking, elephant, krabi
My ride is a baby boy. He just never listens. LOL.

2. 4 islands day trip

island hopping, krabi,
Look at how clear the water is. So beautiful.

This activity is definitely a must do. There are many island hopping trips that you can choose from. From longtail boat to speedboat, from half day tour to until sunset tour. By looking at the energy capacity of the kids, we took the half day tour. Meals were served inside the boat. The water is crystal clear and the marine life is so beautiful. Even fantastic when my 3 years old boy went for snorkeling along side my husband. I only get to swim as my second is not fit for snorkelling. (Definitely need to bring someone to babysit next time).

Bringing small kids were hard for island hopping. Fortunately for us, the locals were so nice. They took care of our kids and played with them as they saw us struggling. We made friends along the way, a big family of Italian having 10 days vacation (all sponsored), an 80ish years old John who looks 50 (he kept complaining about his Thai wife who doesn’t like the sun; afraid her tan skin will go darker), an indian couple who told us how hot it was there to compare with India and these group of lovely Thai ladies who treats us like long time friends.

longtail boat
Inside the longtail boat
beach, islang hopping, snorkeling
That’s us! Having fun in the sun!


There you go. I hope this share will help you plan your journey there. If you have any question or wanted to know how much we’ve spent for the ride, etc. Do write me email or just comment below. I would love to hear from you.

7 signs that you have found your soulmate.

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